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How To Find Out If You're In The Right Place For Integrated Fridg…

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Buying a Side by Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter UK

A side by side fridge freezer under counter in the UK is an excellent option for those who want refrigerators that blend into your kitchen. These models usually feature double doors that allow you to store a lot of food items and beverages.

A lot of fridges have shelves that can be adjusted, so you can tailor the space according to your needs. Some models also have a built-in water dispenser or ice machine that can save you cash on top-ups as well as other purchases.


It is essential to take into consideration the size and capacity of refrigerator freezers when deciding on one. We offer freestanding models which can be placed on a countertop, as well as integrated models which can be placed in a cupboard or beneath a sink. If you choose an integrated design, it's crucial that your fridge freezer fits in the cabinet you have and that there is enough space left for ventilation. Some models come with separate compartments for chilled and frozen food items. You can pick from models with reversible doors which means you can decide whether you want your refrigerator to open from the left or right slimline side by side fridge freezer, based on the layout of your kitchen.

The capacity of side by side fridge and freezer pair-by-side and French door refrigerators vary from one model to another, but they generally vary between 20 and 28 cubic feet. Certain models allow you to arrange the fridge and freezer storage space to optimize capacity for Side by Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter UK your needs. The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with Infinity Slide Shelving.

hisense-rq560n4wcf-freestanding-americanIf you're looking for a fridge freezer with an Ice box that is small and easy on your pocket then this Beko under counter fridge might be the perfect choice for you. It comes with a huge 130-litre capacity, with a salad crisper drawer and shelves in the door for fruit and vegetables. It's quiet and auto-defrost so you don't need to worry about grueling defrosting tasks.


Refrigerator freezers are available in a range of sizes, and the capacity of storage is an important consideration when choosing the right fridge for your kitchen. You should also think about the amount of food you purchase and store frequently. The majority of fridge freezers have a capacity of 20 to 28 cubic feet and you should be able to fit approximately one bag of groceries per cubic foot. It will differ depending on which brand you choose. Certain refrigerators are able to hold more than others.

Aside from the standard dispensers of water and ice certain fridges come with other useful features, such as adjustable shelves with spill-proof shelves, as well as crisper drawers that have humidity controls. These fridges can help adapt your kitchen space to your particular needs in the grocery store, and they can help you save time and money by preventing food spoilage and reducing waste.

Based on your personal preferences You might also wish to choose a fridge with smart features that let you control the temperature using your phone. These features can add to the cost of a fridge freezer. However there are still quality refrigerators that aren't equipped with these features.

Energy efficiency

When making a final decision, the energy efficiency of your fridge freezer is a major factor. The energy rating label will inform you how much the appliance costs to run in average per year. This figure is based on the amount of energy that it consumes during a test. It is measured using the refrigerator or freezer half full, just as in real life.

Refrigerators with higher ratings are considered to be more efficient, but this does not mean they're less costly to run than models with lower ratings. In general, larger refrigerator-freezers consume more power regardless of the energy rating.

The dimensions of refrigerators vary according to the size and style, but there are standard dimensions for both French doors and side-by-side configurations. Both are available as freestanding units, and as built-in (also known as integrated) refrigerators that can be hidden behind cabinet doors.

French door models are a great option for those looking to have easy access to fresh food items. With their double doors and wide width layout, they let more cold air inside and allow the best view of the various food items available. However, this design comes with a more expensive price than side-by-side models. There is a broad choice of French door fridges and side by side fridge freezer for sale-by-side freezers in fridges at Curry's and other top brands like Indesit, Hotpoint and Zanussi.


Some fridge freezers blend with the kitchen. Smeg's charming rounded vintage-style refrigerator freezer is stunning and ideal for those with a variety of preferences in the realm of interior design. There are also models connected to the internet that let you know the contents of the fridge at glance, and inform you when food items require to be eaten or replenished.

The best fridge freezers provide easy access to fresh foods and can help cut back on waste. They have a wide range of storage features, such as adjustable shelves, salad crisper drawers and shelves on the doors for storing drinks. Some refrigerators have a cooling zone in the door that allows air from the frozen section is diverted to chill juice or milk.

A fridge freezer isn't only for the main kitchen, they can also be useful in the home bar, garden office, or guest annexe. Smaller models that are able to fit under countertops or between two cabinets are great for small kitchens as well as spaces for utility.

igenix-freestanding-under-counter-larderWhatever style, size or price you're looking for, Curry's has the perfect selection. Explore the fridge freezer collection online or in stores Be sure to look over the measurements to ensure that it will fit in your space. You'll have to decide whether you'd prefer an integrated model or a freestanding refrigerator freezer that can be set anywhere.


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