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10 Best Books On Birth Defect Case

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Why You Should Hire a Birth Defect Attorney

The joy of parenting can be turned into a harrowing event when you learn that your child was born with a birth defect. Most birth defects require lifetime medical treatment, which could result in a staggering cost for the family.

A New York birth defect attorney will determine if your child's health issue was caused by negligence on the part of doctors or dangerous chemicals or drugs.

Causes of Birth Defects

It is important to contact a Long Island birth defect attorney promptly if your child has a birth defect that could have been treated by a medical professional. A reputable lawyer can handle the previous steps swiftly and efficiently, so that you can take time to grieve for your family member.

Birth defects are functional or structural changes to the body of a fetus that can impact almost any part of the human body. They can lead to physical problems or developmental and intellectual disabilities, such as trouble in communicating or learning or with physical activities such as walking or taking care of oneself.

Some birth defects can even be detected prior to the birth of the baby by specific tests. These include analyzing cells in a sample of blood or looking at amniotic fluid or the placenta. In the present, doctors are able to detect birth defects using ultrasound of the fetus or magnetic resonance imaging.

Certain birth problems are caused by genetic causes, such as abnormalities in the fetus's genes or chromosomes. These conditions can be passed down from the parents, or they could be caused by new mutations in the DNA of the embryo that occurred during conception. Trisomy 21, Spina Bifida, and Tay-Sachs are among the most commonly encountered genetic birth defects. Other genetic birth defects have no cause known at all.

Medical Malpractice

You may be able bring a lawsuit against the medical professional for malpractice when you or your child was injured by a mistake made by a health care professional. This can include failure to diagnose or treat, for example, the doctor not taking your symptoms seriously or giving a wrong diagnosis and not starting the appropriate treatment or failing to follow-up on test results as well as medication errors (e.g. anesthesia errors such as giving excessive or the wrong medication) and surgical mistakes (e.g. or a surgeon leaving a surgical retractor blade inside a patient during surgery).

Finding a lawyer with expertise in malpractice cases can be a challenge. However you can seek recommendations from family members and birth defect attorney acquaintances, as well as attorneys in other fields. In addition, you can contact your state bar association. The majority of bar associations offer search and referral services that can help you locate an experienced medical negligence attorney.

Chemical Exposure

Birth defects may be caused by harmful chemicals that can harm the fetus's mother or the mother. A lot of these chemicals can be found at work, where they are used in the production of items like paint ceramic glazes, batteries and plastics. They can be ingested by inhalation or ingestion through the skin. Certain of these chemicals have been proven to increase the risk of having a birth defect in a child such as spina Bifida and other mental and physical ailments.

These teratogen chemicals can be found in drugs that doctors have erroneously prescribed, in the use of chemicals at work such as those in semiconductor "clean rooms" or in toxic substances which contaminate the air and water. The Thornton Law Firm has represented numerous parents whose children were born with birth defects that were serious after the mothers were exposed to glycol ethers as well as pesticides and coal ash at their workplace.

If you think your child's birth defect was due to negligence in the medical field, a dangerous chemical or exposure to toxic substances during pregnancy, consult an experienced New York birth injury attorney to schedule a no-cost consultation about your case today. These claims have strict deadlines and are time-sensitive. An experienced attorney can determine if the child is eligible to make an claim, and if it is appropriate to file the claim through either a settlement agreement or court.

Product Liability

Many birth defects are the result of an unsuitable prescription or exposure chemicals. It is crucial for parents to contact a birth defect attorney immediately if they believe that the child's condition is the result of medical negligence or the use of dangerous drugs. These cases can be complicated and time-sensitive.

Medical malpractice cases are typically due to environmental factors that can cause birth defects, for example, inadequately prescribed drugs or medications or inadequate medical care during pregnancy. It is essential for families to seek legal advice as soon as they can, because the time-limit for medical malpractice cases is limited to one year.

Medication birth defect lawsuits are also brought in instances where the doctor was negligent when prescribing medications to the mother, such as not understanding the way in which a certain drug could interact with other medications the woman may be taking or by not adequately advising the mother of the side effects. A Maryland medication birth defect attorney can assist clients in recovering damages when a doctor is negligent and causes a birth injury or birth defect.

A family who has an infant with a serious birth defect could face huge expenses, including treatment, surgery and treatment for the rest of their child's lifetime. A birth defect lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced can assist parents determine whether the medical condition of their child was caused by negligence at the hands of a doctor, a hazardous substance or exposure to toxic substances.


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