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Why We Our Love For Midi Bed (And You Should Also!)

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Mid Sleeper Bunk

Mid sleepers are perfect for children aged four and older, as they fit into smaller bedrooms. They provide all the fun and flexibility of a high sleeper, while taking up less area on the floor.

3ft-single-bunk-bed-mid-sleeper-bed-kidsMany mid-sleeper cabin beds include desks or furniture that are ideal for homework and studying. Other features include tunnels, a play tent or cozy den to chill out zones.

Space Saving

Bunk beds are a stylish option for those who want to maximize space in their bedrooms, or have children that share a bedroom. The top bunk beds are fitted with multiple options that allow children to play and study with ease. Many also have storage solutions to keep their room tidy and organised. This will create a space your children will love and utilize as they grow.

If your children aren't ready to be in a full bunk bed or a high sleeper bed, a mid sleeper bunk could be an excellent alternative. The mid sleeper bunk is lower and has a shorter ladder or staircase, so your child will be able to safely step into and out of the bed. It is important to check the individual product details for safety guidelines.

Mid sleeper cabin beds are available in a broad range of designs to suit your child's personality. They can be painted in a bright shade or neutral tones so that you can match them easily with other furniture in the room. Some have a space that is open beneath the sleeping area which could be converted into a living space or a space to relax. Some have desks that can be used for homework or work.

Another way to maximize space using a mid-sleeper bunk is to opt for an L-shaped variant. In this arrangement, the bottom bed can be transformed into a sofa, and the beds create an 'L' shape when viewed from above, meaning you can accommodate three or more beds in a tiny space.

There are bunk beds that have slides to provide your kids a secure and fun place to play. These beds with a middle sleeper have a low, safe frame that has guard rails. They also have a slide built in to help them climb to the top. They're a perfect choice for kids who love to create their own space and have fun with friends.

It is important to remember that purchasing bunk beds is an expensive investment. You need to choose the style that is suitable as your children grow older. Pick a neutral style that can be altered by adding additional features, such as an office or a wardrobe and your kids will still have plenty of options when they move into their teenage years.

Fun & Functional

A mid-sleeper bunk can add an exciting element to your child's room as long as they are old enough. Many kids enjoy the idea of sleeping in the tent, and can use their imaginations to design their own unique den or castle! The middle of the bed can be used as seating or even a desk which is ideal for children who are beginning to learn to read and write.

Children tend to have a lot of clothes and toys which is why it's not a surprise that they often need extra storage solutions to keep everything clean. The storage space beneath the beds we sell is ideal to store other furniture, such as desks and wardrobes, or toys. The storage spaces under the bed are typically deep and spacious and are ideal for storing bedding as well as books, toys, and much more.

As children grow older, they will likely need a desk for homework and studying. Combining a bed with a desk into one piece of furniture is extremely useful in small rooms where space is scarce and helps free more space on the floor for play and other activities. Many of our mid-sleeper and cabin beds come with desks built into the frame to allow for easy access. We have a variety of accessories that you can add to the top of your sleeping area to make it more enjoyable. For instance an encasement to sleep in and a pocket tidy to add more storage.

Most of our mid-sleepers can be converted to a single mid sleeper bed with storage bed after your child has grown out of the fun aspect. This allows you to make more use of them and save money on mattresses in the future. This is particularly beneficial when your child is heading into their teenage years and loses interest in the fun side of the bed.

Ample Storage

Our mid-sleeper kids' bunks are a great choice to maximize your child's room space. The raised design allows for the addition of various storage facilities like a pullout desk and an armoire with drawers, and a large amount of shelves. This makes for a variety of storage options that traditional bed frames don't have the capacity to match.

The reversible stairs incorporated into the side of a midsleeper cabin bed offer children with a different way to get up and down the sleeping space. Designed with safety in mind, this staircase comes with large, non-slip stairs and is wide enough for easy access to the top bunk. This makes changing bedding and quilts simpler and lessens the risk of falling off the ladder, compared to other bunks with a traditional staircase.

The large storage compartments beneath the bed provide a space to store away toys and books, making it much easier for kids to organize their rooms. They are also great for storing bedding, making sure that there's always plenty of space to accommodate any guests to sleepover. You can customize the mid-sleeper bunk bed to suit your child's needs and to fit with your home's decor.

A bunk bed that is mid-sleep is the perfect solution for kids who love to play with their toys. This hidden compartment is the ideal spot for children to hide and relax, whether they want to read a book or take time to nap before bedtime.

If they're not reading a book or playing with friends, the multifunctional desk is a great place for your child to do their homework or study. The spacious desk with two drawers and mid sleeper bunk shelves makes studying enjoyable. It also helps to keep stationery, books and other essentials well stored when not in use.

This reversible bunkbed has wide steps and deep staircases that are easy to climb for children. The bunk beds are wide enough for two chairs to be placed underneath the bed to create an area for studying or playing.


If properly built and assembled, mid sleeper bunks are extremely safe. A lot of mid sleeper bunks come with a guardrail that serves as a safety barrier for children who sleep on the top. This is a fantastic feature, particularly for younger children, and can reduce the risk of serious injuries if they fall off the height of the upper bed. It is essential to review the assembly instructions from the manufacturer carefully and follow them exactly, as this will help to ensure that the guard rail is installed correctly.

It's also recommended that you lay a carpet under your child's bunk bed since this will lower the chance of injury to the head should someone fall from the height of the bed. This will also add a touch of warmth and comfort to the space and make it feel like a home.

You should also remind your child of the importance of using the ladder safely. It should only be used to climb up to the top bed when it's time to bed and they should not hang things from the rungs of the ladder including belts, toys, or scarves that could strangle someone. It's also a good idea to teach your kids to keep the ladder from the edge of the bed, and not use it when they're not using it, so that they don't accidentally fall off and harm themselves.

It's also important to inspect the foundation of your child's bunk bed to determine if it feels rickety or wobbly when pressure is applied. If it does, then it's best to select a different model or look for one that's more solid and sturdy.

Mid sleeper and cabin bed designs are ideal for saving money and offering an enjoyable alternative for kids who want their own loft bedroom. While both mid and high sleeper beds are safe when used appropriately however, it is important to remember that the top area of a high sleeper bed is slightly higher than a normal bed and mid sleeper bunk therefore is only suitable for children who are older than 6 years old.html>


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